Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Tollywood bombshell Anushka’s full name is Anushka Shetty.She is also known as Sweety SHetty.Her father first thought of the name ileana which is a greek word then later changed his thoughts.Her mother tongue is TULU. Anushka has two brothers Dr.Sai Ramesh, a postgraduate in.Dentistry and Gunaranjan, a businessman.She is a pure Mangloorian and comes from a famous family.called the Bellipady family.She is strictly Vegetarian.Anushka has a hobby of collecting news articles of all natural disasters.

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It is also said that the heroine already acted with that big hero in a film. His son used to learn yoga at Anushka it seems. Apart from yoga, he also went close to her and spent memorable hours but that was recorded in a video as Ashmit Patel did to Riya Sen a couple of years ago.

The alleged video is also making rounds in Internet. Although this grapevine is making wild rounds in Film Nagar, nothing is confirmed officially. It's just hearsay till now.

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This is the gossip that is creating waves in Film Nagar now. It is stated that the video in which Anushka's private life in bed room was recorded also shows the son of a big Tollywood star.

It is being gossiped that the son of that star should debut as young hero this year but postponed as the son of other big hero is already debuting. No more clues are required to decode who that son of big star is

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It has now been confirmed that Vijay�s Vettaikaran will hit the marquee on Diwali as planned. According to the film�s director Babu Sivan, about 80 per cent of Vettaikaran has been completed but the climax scene remains to be canned yet. He said that a grand set has been erected at AVM Studios for this purpose.

Babu Sivan revealed that Vijay is a young man, from a village, aspiring to become a police officer while Anushka plays a software engineer in the film. The two meet at an accident and how the lady helps him achieve his goals forms the crux of the story. The director also added that Vettaikaran is all about a woman behind a man�s success.